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                    As the architectural design and miniature model making requires serious market presence as well as recognition from among the incumbent players and potential entrants into the business, a duly registered architectural firm, Cesar F. Intia Scale Model Contractor, has positioned itself to greater competitive advantage. It creates masterfully crafted scale models and designs with prime expertise and competence as manifested by the owner’s optimum level of experiences and exposures coupled with sufficient knowledge and background in model making and architectural designs.

The Proprietor gained various experiences in scale model making both from his local and overseas employments here and in Saudi Arabia. Confident and determined to succeed, he decided to put up an architectural business of his own in the first quarter of 2000. 

Hence, the inception of Cesar F. Intia Scale Model Contractor. From then on, numerous projects were made for the country’s leading land developers and architects. Foreign clients include those from the US, Japan, Australia, Hongkong, Italy, Qatar, Great Britain and the Marshall Islands.

With the proliferation of technological advances, the firm is a pioneer in making modern-type scale models with Mechanical capabilities and unique features and characterized by mechanical movements. 

Collapsible scale models cater mostly to international sales of leading land developers. It gives convenience and practicality since one can travel abroad with the scale model without the hassle of paying the high cost of shipment. It can be folded, dismantled and tucked away in a specially designed travelling bag. 

We also customized scale models of various passenger and cargo ships for the shipping industry and airplanes for the airline industry. For all structures, we use Laser- cutting technology as it gives more accurate and speedy details in model making.


The company incorporates in its vision of attaining overall growth that will continue to provide total superior quality of output that the clients truly deserve, at the most reasonable price. In addition, it adheres to its policy of meeting the projects expected or projected completion time and promptly affecting its delivery to meet the clients’ needs and specific time requirements. The company, after all, is dedicated to providing service always at the best of its clients.

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